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“It sometimes happens that a woman is handsomer at 29 than she was 10 years before” – Jane Austen

Don’t worry, I’m not 29 yet (getting close though!) but this popped out at me, and I felt so inspired to write about it! I don’t know about more beautiful… but I’m certainly more confident.  Does anyone else get that?

I’m halfway to my goals, rather than just starting out. I’ve slowed down enough to realize that it’s not about getting there as much as appreciating the journey. Unless I appreciate the journey, I’m always going to be looking to the next thing! Besides, it’s my training runs that are going to get me where I need to be for my next race, so I might as well embrace and enjoy it! It’s my yoga class that’s going to make sure I’m not too tight and help me avoid injury.

Maybe it’s my training runs, maybe the yoga, or maybe just growing up, I’m learning to love the moment I’m in. I spent my entire undergrad rushing through life to get where I thought I wanted to be, that I missed out on a lot of “in the moment” stuff. Once I graduated, ready to “start my life” I realized that some of my biggest moments had already happened, and I didn’t savor them like I wanted too because I was too busy. So I’m committing this year to learning to dedicate my practice or run to something that I’m super intentional about- like making a decision or processing big news, or loving my hubs in the way that he needs; in the moment. I might not be more beautiful at 29, but I sure want to be more confident, kind and intentional than I was 10 years before!


Tracking Workouts

Tracking my workouts long term is one of the most motivating parts of getting me to workout! If you are walking or running outdoors, tracking can easily be done with free iPhone/smart phone apps like Map my Run or Run Keeper, or with a little more expensive option like a Garmin GPS tracker. I’ve compiled a few tools I’ve personally used to track my workouts. I have used Run Keeper for several years, and found it to be a really great free app, but I really like how Map my Run allows your loved ones to track where you are (if they are concerned about your safety).
RunkepperRun Keeper –

  • Add friends and share workouts on Facebook for extra encouragement
  • Set goals and track progress as the app keeps track of your mileage
  • Run reports and track your weekly, monthly, and yearly workouts
  • Calculate average pace, calories burned, climb, and viewable map of the track you just ran


Map my Run –

  • Similar to Run Keeper, with different interface
  • Use food journal to calculate calorie intake compared with calories burned to assist with weight loss, maintenance or gain 
  • Set goals and track progress as the app keeps track of your mileage
  • Add friends and allow them to track where you are located while on a run (this is great for allowing loved ones to know when to meet you at the finish line!)
  • Share workouts on Facebook for extra encouragement


Garmin GPS –

Last fall I purchased the Forerunner 10, which is simplest of the Garmin GPS tracking watches. I decided to upgrade so that it wasn’t necessary to run with my phone, didn’t have to use my data plan, and the Garmin watch GPS is generally considered more accurate than a phone GPS. PS. I LOVE my Garmin watch!

  • Tracks distance, pace and calories. Set your pace on the watch and it beeps to let you know if you are on pace while running
  • Start running with the press a button
  • If used continuously with GPS, the battery life is 5 hours, which should be enough for a marathon
  • Identifies personal records
  • Virtual Pacer™ compares current pace to target. Also has a run/walk feature that’s helpful if you’re just starting out or your running plan includes walk breaks
  • Plan, review, track and share runs at Garmin Connect™. Garmin

What are your favorite tracking tools? What are you favorite features of your tool? Do you use an app on your phone or use a watch? I’d love to hear how you track your workouts, or if you need some advice on starting to track…

Race Weekend Update

Keeping on Track with my goal to run 700 miles this year!
Keeping on Track with my goal to run 700 miles this year!

Well, I haven’t been a great blogger, but I HAVE been keeping up with my running goals that I set for 2013! I wanted to run 700 miles this year, and I’m still on track for that (what a miracle!). I always kind of take some time off in the summer, since I have trouble running in the heat, so I’m happy to be ahead.
So, I was assigned my Bib Numbers earlier this week for my 8k and Half Marathon, and I was SO excited to get them 🙂 This weekend I will log 18.1 miles. OMG!!

We got into Williamsburg last night, and toured around the town a little bit… my husband took the photo with a little sun flare. Mmmm, he’s got a good eye!IMG_7671 IMG_7677

Anyways, back to race talk- we ran the 8k this morning, and they thought they’d add a few more hills to the course. I found out the hard way! How am I supposed to run a half marathon when my muscles are shredded from running hills for 4 miles today!? Needless to say, I’m a little worried about 7am tomorrow morning when my half marathon starts, and it’s supposed to get up to 90F weather. It’s supposed to be an incredibility hilly course and I’m a little nervous about running it in this heat! So I’m spending the evening off my feet and hydrating. Race updates to come!

Race Bib Numbers have been assigned!
Race Bib Numbers have been assigned!

Finding Motivation after a Long Weekend

sangria Let’s just be honest here, I love LOVE LOVE Sangria. I tried my hand on making some this weekend, and literally had a glass in my hand all afternoon/evening. As a result, I was not interested in doing my good morning run of 4 miles at 5:45 this morning, and it got postponed to after work. 😦 Bad runner that I am. I also got a pretty awesome sunburn, which didn’t help in my current state of dehydration… so I’m carrying my water around all day today!
Anyone else suffering from a lack of motivation after a fun, sunny long weekend? It’s so easy for me to let the long weekend attitude last all week, and find myself with an entire week of no or pitiful workouts!

This is my plan of attack for getting back on track, thank you Bonnie Pfiester for the motivation…
Get back on track… if that means getting on the scale to assess the damage, then get on there! Don’t obsess about your weight, but let the extra pound(s) gained work as a motivator to get back on the track and watch the food you put in your mouth.

Scale back on portion sizes, which will get your metabolism back to normal. Don’t stop eating the day after you pigged out, your body will hold onto those calories and inhibit your weight loss. Not cool.

This is what I’m working on today- drinking a lot of water. It flushes out the toxins and hydrated my dehydrated body. Drink as much water as you can handle for the next couple days, and you’ll be regulated in no time!

In the words of Bonnie Pfiester, VACATION IS OVER! Click the photo to check out her great blog:


Back to Running… and Blogging!

Proof that I own a bike.

Well, I might not have been around much in the blogging world… which means that I’ve been CRAZY busy in real life. Plus, I finished school in December, so now I don’t use blogging as an excuse to not do homework (anyone else know how I feel?). I guess I just needed a break from talking about running, and actually get outside and enjoy the sunshine! We also bought a house and moved in, repainted and decorated the whole house, I graduated with the big ceremony and everything, and have been training for this race!

I got this bike last year for my birthday, and now that we don’t live in an apartment and I don’t have to drag it down 3 flights of stairs, I get to take it out more frequently! I sometimes even use it to run to the grocery store if my hubs has the car (we are all economical and stuff and can live off one car… now I just need him to allow me to bike to work!). I love being able to bike more and drive less.

Anyways, back to running (because that’s what we care about, right?)… I’m running my first half marathon for the year in a week. YAY!! I’m super stoked, because this is my third race in Williamsburg and it’s my FAVORITE place to run in the whole world. This is my list from last year of why I’m beyond, out of the world, excited!!
In fact, I’m running with the hubs on Saturday for a 10k race, and then hitting the trails for the half marathon on Sunday… I know, I sound so hardcore. I’m going to be crazy sore the whole week… Can you see why I’m so excited? That, and hours and hours in a hot tub. Indeed, this is Heaven on Earth.

Updates to come soon.

1/2 Marathon Training Plan

I’m back at it. My half marathon is the first weekend in June, and I’m so excited! We (my husband and I) ran the Williamsburg Run for the Dream 1/2 Marathon last year, and it is by far my favorite route in the world. I’m always looking for an excuse to run in Williamsburg, and I always look forward to those glorious 13.1 miles.
We have a lot of changes potentially coming down the chute in the next couple months, so I started my training a little earlier than necessary… just in case there are some ‘set-backs’ to my long runs.

Last weekend I enjoyed my 7 mile run in my favorite park, it was about 40 F so I was bundled up for the first couple miles and discarded my gloves once I warmed up. On the first mile, I found a brand new smart phone! I called a few of the last contacts and left it at the running store I was running with. Hopefully it found its rightful owner.  295550_345102265606645_866713775_n

About a week ago I ran on the boardwalk during the sunrise. I paused to catch my breath, and looked like a total tourist to take some pictures. I tend to do my shorter runs on the boardwalk because it’s about a 6 mile loop, and it would just be the end of the world if I had to run a lap or something. How can I not love running when it gets me our in God’s beautiful creation every morning while the rest of the world is still asleep?


Where do your runs take you? When is the best time for you to run?

March Push-up Challenge

Sometimes is easy for runners two forget about their upper body strength when all they want to do is run! Since this is one of my problems, I have a challenge for all of my readers to focus on a different body parts for a month this year. For the rest of the year. This month we’ll be focusing on push-ups… and here is a pretty & pink  push-up calendar that my friend from created, especially for the month of March!

Sometimes it’s hard for me to sneak these push-ups in, and I have been known to pop down and do 20 at work… when my office is quiet (omg, don’t tell anyone!). Fit them in… even if it’s tough. You’ll be SHOCKED at the results!

Check out her page for a hilarious outlook on life from a working mom!