Knees. Knees. Knees.


One of our most recent questions come from Life as the Fat Friend, who recently asked for suggestions for her knees:

“Knees. Knees. Knees. I have OA in my knees. Any suggestions for knees would be awesome.”

One of the most common struggles with running is KNEE issues! We recently wrote a post about Dealing with knee injuries back in September… and here I’m going to talk about how to take it easy on the track to stay away from knee problems (please note, I’m a runner not a doctor. And I just run for recreation. This is not a professional opinion, just what works for me).

1. Stay away from hills. When I’m running up and down hills, it starts to bother my knees because you are putting more pressure on your legs than usual—up to ten times your body weight with each step.

2. Basic strength training. A lazy runner is someone who only runs (you didn’t hear that from me). Take time to go Yoga, Pilates, do squats, and other strength training so your muscles supporting your knees can handle the impact. Work on strengthening your thigh muscles!

3. Stretching. SHAPE has some great Stretches for Healthy Knees for your post run cool down!

4. The right running shoes. In my experience, this has made the most difference. Get shoes that are made for the way you run and the type of surface you run on.

5. Keep the legs straight! Hit the ground with your foot… not your heel. By making your foot hit the ground correctly, this can take a lot of the impact off of your knees.

6. Find a park with shale or dirt trails to run at as much as possible. I can’t get to a park every day, but I aim for the park on my long runs or weekend runs! Plus, it’s so much prettier away from the roads 🙂

Life as the Fat Friend, Hope that all helps you out, I know knee pain can set you back, but hopefully this can help you ease back into running the distance you want to be running!

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions on getting the knees healthy, let me know!