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“It sometimes happens that a woman is handsomer at 29 than she was 10 years before” – Jane Austen

Don’t worry, I’m not 29 yet (getting close though!) but this popped out at me, and I felt so inspired to write about it! I don’t know about more beautiful… but I’m certainly more confident.  Does anyone else get that?

I’m halfway to my goals, rather than just starting out. I’ve slowed down enough to realize that it’s not about getting there as much as appreciating the journey. Unless I appreciate the journey, I’m always going to be looking to the next thing! Besides, it’s my training runs that are going to get me where I need to be for my next race, so I might as well embrace and enjoy it! It’s my yoga class that’s going to make sure I’m not too tight and help me avoid injury.

Maybe it’s my training runs, maybe the yoga, or maybe just growing up, I’m learning to love the moment I’m in. I spent my entire undergrad rushing through life to get where I thought I wanted to be, that I missed out on a lot of “in the moment” stuff. Once I graduated, ready to “start my life” I realized that some of my biggest moments had already happened, and I didn’t savor them like I wanted too because I was too busy. So I’m committing this year to learning to dedicate my practice or run to something that I’m super intentional about- like making a decision or processing big news, or loving my hubs in the way that he needs; in the moment. I might not be more beautiful at 29, but I sure want to be more confident, kind and intentional than I was 10 years before!


Favorite Fall Trails


All I can say is that I LOVE fall! Did a long run (for me) and took it slow in my favorite park. I would have to say I enjoy running in the fall much more than in any other season, especially here in Virginia Beach. The fall colors are breathtaking, the temperatures are around 40-50F which is far more bearable for this Canadian born girl, and it such a fresh reprieve from the summer heat!
But after running in the heat all summer, here are some tips to running safely in the fall 🙂

1. With the decrease of hours, for those of us that work full time, 8-5, fitting in a run can be tough during daylight hours. Wear highly reflective clothing, but if that’s not an option (taking the bank account into consideration), try this amazing reflective tape from Home Depot. Always wear I.D. on you when going for a run… you never know what’s going to happen.

2. ICE. “In Case of Emergency” contact in your phone (if you carry it with you). Keep it updated with someone who can respond if someone needs to make an ICE call on your behalf.

3. I’ve had to layer quite a bit more than the shorts and tank-top I wear in the summer! But sometimes when I get out there, I find I’m put on too much clothing and starting to overheat. So I make a mental note of what would be perfect layering options while I’m out there, and the next time it’s that temperature (always check the weather so you are prepared!), I don’t get out there with too much on. Sometimes I stash my jacket in a safe place once I warm up…

4. Even if you aren’t thirsty, you can get dehyradated! While on my run today, I stopped for water a couple times, which is as much as if I’m summer running. Do what’s best for your body. Maybe you don’t need as much water as I do, but definitely don’t forget about hydrating.

5. Start your run into the wind. The wind will be at your back on the way home, and you’ll avoid getting chilled by the wind after you’ve been sweating.

6. Watch out for snow or wet leaves! Take shorter steps when tracking across these areas to ensure you can catch yourself if you slip!

7. Take your camera like I did! These leaves and colors aren’t going to last forever!

That’s all the running tips I’ve got for you guys today, what are some of your tips to stay safe and warm?

Summer Running


Photo Courtesy of “Healthy is the way to Go”

I’ve been trying so hard. I almost fainted yesterday when running, after only about 4 miles. I think I had some sort of heat exhaustion… in 85F. Awesome. A group of us were running on the boardwalk, and I started to see my vision go blurry and I COULD NOT BREATH. I was seriously gasping for air. Thank you humidity.

The reason I’m sharing this is because I had coffee with a friend (actually a grande, extra hot 1/2 sweet white mocha. Thank you Starbucks!), and she told me she’s been having trouble running in this weather they call summer. Heat index of about 105F and 99% humidity (I made those numbers up, but it feels like whatever that is).

A bit of background on me: I grew up in Canada. A 90F day is celebrated by everyone taking off the day and going to the lake. Or bridge jumping. We act like we’re dying of heat. We have about 6 days of that per year.

Back to this weather they call summer in Virginia. And how to run in it? We’re thinking of restructuring our summer goals, and for me that means to scaling back to running about 2 miles every day, instead of running 3 or 4 miles every other day. That way I’m still staying fit (so I can still go to the beach) but I’m not experiencing heat exhaustion.

And when the weather drops to 65F, I will cry with joy and go on a 10 mile run.

How do you run in the summer (please don’t say treadmill!)? How do you survive the heat?

living in the moment.

Life of a student

wanna be running. sleeping. anything. Doing algebra. (bag of frozen stir-fry with rice. a 15 min meal while writing blog

Here’s another whiny post about my summer classes. I pushed all my horrible classes (like algebra and biology) until the veeeeery end of my college career so when I failed miserably struggled with the classes, I wouldn’t lose my scholarships due to a declining GPA.

Now it’s nearing the end of my college career (YAAAAAY!!!) but I still have to do the dreaded courses (BOOOOO!!!). I know. that was really mature.


I haven’t cried for hours over them yet this week, so we’re in great form (but it’s only Tuesday).

BUT I’ve decided to create lists of things that I’m thankful for each day in order to try and stay positive… since being grateful is a much healthier way to live.

76. Finished week one of math (out of eight), did terrible. Will never have to take this class again!

77. Good morning rain. Always feel so calm when I hear it raining ❤

78. Free coffee last night at starbucks (grande 1/2 sweet, extra hot, no whip, white mocha). I love my barista!

I’m reading through the book “One Thousand Gifts” by Anne Voskamp with a couple girls, and she talks about being able to life fully, no matter where you are. So I’m taking the challenge and going to try recording 1000 gifts over the course of the next six months. I’m hoping it will make me into more of a grateful person, if I’m constantly looking for 5-6 things per day to add to my list! I’ve really enjoyed the book, and would highly suggest it to my readers. She even lets us read the first chapter free over at her website… if you’re interested 🙂

Let me know what you think!

What are you guys grateful for? Even when life is rough/not ideal, I can always find a few things I can be thankful for 🙂

Skinny Dip


I’m taking some pretty rough classes this summer, and wish I woulda been smart enough to take the summer off. I’m really burnt out as far as school/writing/thinking/saying smart things is concerned, so don’t expect a lot. The only thing that is keeping my sane is my wonderful husband and running!

Sunday morning, before heading out for church I did a wonderful 5 mile run, which is the farthest I’ve run since my 1/2 marathon. When I’m running, I feel like I can do anything. I’m motivated. I feel disciplined. I feel strong.

My school doesn’t make me feel that way right now. So to help me cope, I’ve been eat a lot of chocolate. And drinking hot chocolate.

And skinny dip.

Went to skinny dip. Stalked puppies

On SATURDAY we took Nalla (my friends puppy. We don’t have one. yet.) to skinny dip, and after talking to a staff there who fell in love with Nalla and wanted to talk to her, shake her hand, and just hang out in the general cute puppy vicinity, she informed us that they sell little ‘doggy dips’.

You are kidding me, right?

Nope. I’ve never seen Nalla get so excited! She started chewing that ice cream… it was so cute! Awwww! This diversion was definitely worth skipping an hour of crying-over-algebra-textbooks studying.