This American Thanksgiving


Since I do come from American roots, I have celebrated more Thanksgivings that I can count. Actually, I don’t really remember one that I missed! I come from a large dutch family that is loud and lively, and always up for a good time filled with chocolate pie, laughter and games (sometimes guns, with the season closing that weekend). And since I’m born Canadian, I was lucky enough to celebrate twice!

Here is my long list, to join all my friends spamming our newsfeeds, of things I’m grateful for:

1. Two glorious days off work. Well, with the weekend backed up, it’s 4 days in a row! Feel sorry for my overworked, frazzled brain!

2. I’ve been keeping up with the running. So the pounds won’t be sticking. BRING ON THE TURKEY and PIE! ❤

3. The temperatures are GLORIOUS for long runs. I’m not training for anything right now, so I suppose you could call me a ‘recreational runner’. Wait, you can call me that even when I am training for a half-marathon. Running is about being fun. Not a lot of seriousness involved… don’t judge. 🙂

4. Spending time with my amazing family. When I got married, I struck gold, because his family is wonderful! I’m more about the family than I am about the food. That’s what Thanksgiving is really about for me.

5. And the food. I can’t wait to try the gloriously unhealthy Cranberry Bliss Bars I made (yup, stole the recipe from Starbucks!) I spent the whole evening in the kitchen tonight making food, and I’m equally excited for the HEALTHY Sweet Potato Casserole I made from Dashing Dish! It’s going to be delicious, along with the Pumpkin Coffee Cake for first thing in the morning. Wow, I’m gaining weight just typing this.

What are you in charge of making? First time at this dish or are you a pro? I’d love to hear about your Thanksgiving food!

Excited about a 5 mile run in the morning! Enjoy your holiday!