You know you are a runner…


Last weekend we went out of town… and half of the clothes I packed were running clothes! I didn’t know how warm/cool it was going to be, so I went prepared! From my little running shorts to those fleece running pants, my suitcase was weighed down. Which was a good thing because it was freeeezing (esp with this east coast humanity)!

While running in Williamsburg last weekend, I was completely inspired by the gorgeous trees and the leaves that were the most vibrant orange 🙂 I got completely lost on the trails and roads as I ran for miles and miles. It was so early most days that I was the only one the road/trail, except for other runners. I gave them all the runners nod and smile, which says “you are awesome, keep up the run on this freezing cold morning!”

Getting out of town, away from my work load, is exactly what I needed. I’ve got a few weeks left of school, and I’ve got the worse case of sonorities known to man-kind. Good thing I set this session to be easy 🙂 Logging in about 15 miles in one weekend was rough on my knees but great for my soul. My brother-in-law told me I shouldn’t run every day (what does he know… he only did a 50k last year!), but it was truly what I needed.

I love fall because of the cool weather!