Finding Motivation after a Long Weekend


sangria Let’s just be honest here, I love LOVE LOVE Sangria. I tried my hand on making some this weekend, and literally had a glass in my hand all afternoon/evening. As a result, I was not interested in doing my good morning run of 4 miles at 5:45 this morning, and it got postponed to after work. 😦 Bad runner that I am. I also got a pretty awesome sunburn, which didn’t help in my current state of dehydration… so I’m carrying my water around all day today!
Anyone else suffering from a lack of motivation after a fun, sunny long weekend? It’s so easy for me to let the long weekend attitude last all week, and find myself with an entire week of no or pitiful workouts!

This is my plan of attack for getting back on track, thank you Bonnie Pfiester for the motivation…
Get back on track… if that means getting on the scale to assess the damage, then get on there! Don’t obsess about your weight, but let the extra pound(s) gained work as a motivator to get back on the track and watch the food you put in your mouth.

Scale back on portion sizes, which will get your metabolism back to normal. Don’t stop eating the day after you pigged out, your body will hold onto those calories and inhibit your weight loss. Not cool.

This is what I’m working on today- drinking a lot of water. It flushes out the toxins and hydrated my dehydrated body. Drink as much water as you can handle for the next couple days, and you’ll be regulated in no time!

In the words of Bonnie Pfiester, VACATION IS OVER! Click the photo to check out her great blog:



Back to Running… and Blogging!


Proof that I own a bike.

Well, I might not have been around much in the blogging world… which means that I’ve been CRAZY busy in real life. Plus, I finished school in December, so now I don’t use blogging as an excuse to not do homework (anyone else know how I feel?). I guess I just needed a break from talking about running, and actually get outside and enjoy the sunshine! We also bought a house and moved in, repainted and decorated the whole house, I graduated with the big ceremony and everything, and have been training for this race!

I got this bike last year for my birthday, and now that we don’t live in an apartment and I don’t have to drag it down 3 flights of stairs, I get to take it out more frequently! I sometimes even use it to run to the grocery store if my hubs has the car (we are all economical and stuff and can live off one car… now I just need him to allow me to bike to work!). I love being able to bike more and drive less.

Anyways, back to running (because that’s what we care about, right?)… I’m running my first half marathon for the year in a week. YAY!! I’m super stoked, because this is my third race in Williamsburg and it’s my FAVORITE place to run in the whole world. This is my list from last year of why I’m beyond, out of the world, excited!!
In fact, I’m running with the hubs on Saturday for a 10k race, and then hitting the trails for the half marathon on Sunday… I know, I sound so hardcore. I’m going to be crazy sore the whole week… Can you see why I’m so excited? That, and hours and hours in a hot tub. Indeed, this is Heaven on Earth.

Updates to come soon.