Eating Healthier


As a runner, it’s so easy to think “It’s OK, I’m going to run today” and proceed to eat whatever I want. Which is pretty often ice cream, chocolate, brownies… and then I make myself sick. And is not definitely not healthy.

Another Mother Runner

OR it’s the OTHER extreme, and I eat tons when I really don’t need to be eating all that. One of my new years resolutions was to eat more veggies (which is hard to do with such a busy schedule), and I’ve been able to incorporate them into my daily routine, but I want to set higher goals than that (no, I’m not starting the Paleo diet… yet).

Cutting out white flour and sugar is about as lofty of the goals that I’ll setting this summer, while trying to run in the summer heat!
I’m in Virginia, and SERIOUSLY this humility is worse than usual (since  I’d really know what usual is since this is my second May here!).

There are a few really important things to include in your diet is you are a woman running. The first and foremost thing you should be worrying about is your iron levels (this is the one I struggle with the most). This is vital in transporting oxygen through your bloodstream, as well as providing a key building block of muscle tissue. One thing I found interesting is that caffeinated products will counteract with your iron intake… so wait a couple hours after eating or taking your iron supplement.

The next important dietary need is calcium, (you know, all that stress on your bones in running). If you don’t drink milk, purchase calcium added products (soy dream, rice milk, orange juice).

Can’t believe I’m saying this, but the third most important thing to include is FAT, from nuts, olive oil, seeds, and avocado but stay away from saturated fats (which mainly come from animal products. ewww).

Notice the lack of white flour and sugar in this list? Yup. Need to cut those out!

Awesome list of foods adapted from Running For Fitness


Williamsburg Run for the Dream


Our lives have kind of spun out of control since the race last weekend, hence no update on how it went! The Williamsburg Run for the Dream was by FAR the hardest route I’ve ever ran in my life, and there was no way we could have prepared for it living in flat Virginia Beach!

Back to the beginning 🙂

It was supposed to be rainy and miserable all weekend, but Sunday morning rolled around and it was BEAUTIFUL 70F… and most of the race was in the shade. I was in awe of the trees and the gorgeous terrain. We took the shuttle down to William and Mary pretty early (about 6:00am) after checking out of our hotel room. Once we got down to the race site, we could pick out the serious runners who were in their routine. We kinda stretched and I rubbed Tyler’s back and neck for a while… until it was time to get into our corrals.

At about mile two, the HILLS started. This is about when Tyler and I split up, since our paces were not matching up with the hills. At first, I was determined to not let them beat me… so I kept a pretty good pace, and passed the 2:30 pace group. There was even a brief moment that I considered trying to catch up with the 2:15 pace group! I felt like I was doing pretty good until mile EIGHT when they had us track back the hills we JUST conquered. Screw that. By that point I was in serious pain and started losing time… so I walked/ran the rest of the hills that lasted until mile 12.

All I can tell you in that I’ve NEVER been happier to reach the end of a race and pass under the 2:30 sign, which was my goal!!

To be honest, this is one of the things I’m most proud of doing!

When I crossed the finish line and heard my name announced, I wanted to cry. I’m pretty sure a few trickling tears may have slid down my face!

This race proved a few things to me.

First, that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. This is a huge reminder to keep working hard to complete my bachelor’s degree this fall. Just like this race, it’s a mind game. I had to work hard to keep my pace every mile, just like I have to work hard to keep my homework up to date every day.
Second,  if I can run a brutal half marathon and hit my goal time, I know there are people out there that can start the “from the couch to a 5k” training program. I know there are people out there that can run that 10k race they’re afraid of… and I KNOW you can start training for a half marathon.

10 things to bring on your run


This re-blog post was written by Allessia over at Lululemon on March 29, 2012 and I thought my readers would enjoy reading it! — filed under gear, run. Follow any comments here with the RSS feed for this post. —

10 things to bring on your run

Whether you’re heading on vacay or out for a run – packing is a skill not easily mastered. We asked seasoned runners who have gone the distance (like, every distance) for their ‘take-it or leave-it’ run gear.

10 things to bring on your run

1. house key
Two things that suck: being robbed and getting locked out. Bring your house key.

2. money (cash or credit)
Good for emergency fluids (or recovery drinks), transit (hey, there’s nothing wrong with running as far as you can one-way and bussing it back) or making a SOS call (contrary to popular belief payphones still exist).

3. identification
You should never go anywhere without ID and your run is no exception.

4. ipod (optional)
iPhone, iTouch, iShuffle, i-can’t-remember-the-latest-gadget – whatever your tech heart desires, tunes add a little extra spring in our step and that’s music to our ears.

5. spf lip balm
Lip balm (with SPF) not only soothes lips (which can dry out after long periods of heavy breathing) but also protects your kisser from the sun. Bonus: It can also double as emergency Bodyglide for those “sticky” situations.

6. bandaids
Good for unexpected chaffing emergencies and spontaneous blisters.

7. fuel belt filled with electrolytes
Hydrationis key.

8. gels
Our running guru Tess recommends one for every 45 minutes (plus one extra for good measure).

9. some dry socks (those of you blessed with a sunny climate, skip to number 10). 
We’ve been caught in one too many rainstorms to head out on a 42K run without at least an extra pair of socks. Dry feet are happy feet and happy feet mean strong finishes. ps. we have the perfect pocket to store them in!

10. bodyglide
Keep things going smoothly with a little extra help from our dear friend Bodyglide. You’ve already got 30K on your mind, you don’t need to be worrying about chaffing too.

Give me your Tips on Losing Weight!


Since I run so much, I basically eat in order to keep weight on… so weight loss hasn’t been much of a concern for me. I also struggle with IBS so I’m forced to eat healthier than I would if I didn’t have this problem (so basically I pay for what I eat sooner than everyone else does 😉 )

Anyways, I have a friend who contacted me this week asking me how to lose weight in a healthy way. This friend has knee trouble and recently had to undergo some type of surgery, which limits their ability to work out. Since this isn’t my specialty, I wanted to get some input from my readers and see if they could add anything!

This is the email that I sent my friend:


Of course, we are looking for low impact sports since your knee is tender, so jogging/running is out of the question. No need to do that unless being chased 😉

Alternating workouts during the week will be your best bet. Something like insanity would be great for you, taking it easy on the knees when needed. If you are working out three times per week, Let’s say Monday, Wednesday, Friday, you would switch up like this:

Monday 30 min spin (or class), 30 min elliptical. Take music with you and go at your fastest pace

Wednesday 30 min fast walking on treadmill (try for 4mh pace), 30 min spin at your fastest pace

Friday 30 min elliptical, 30 min spin at your fastest pace

The biggest things you need to worry about are keeping your heart rate up, and keep moving at your fastest pace. PUSH THROUGH the cramps and remember, you should be sweaty and gross 15 minutes into your workout.

I’m not sure when you’ll be ready to join your classes again, but I’d suggest taking it easy until you know your knee won’t give you any trouble!

Of course, in order to lose weight, you have to give your diet a lot of attention. Eating healthy salads with minimal dressing, staying away from white flour/sugar and fried food will definitely help you out. I eat oatmeal for breakfast every day and it curbs my appetite, helping me make healthy choices. Keep fruit and nuts on you all the time to eat between meals, which will keep your blood sugar stable.

Hope these tips help; I know you have what it takes to lose this weight 🙂

I’m all about being healthy and strong, and sometimes that means shaving off a pound or two in order to be your best. I don’t want my friend to drop 30 pounds in 3 weeks, I want them to be stronger and healthier.
Ok- what else would you guys suggest? I know theirs more things we can all implement into our lives to be healthier and we’d love to hear your tips 🙂

What am I MOST excited about?!?


Oh my GOSH I can hardly take my running shoes off—I’m SO excited about our race next weekend! For some reason, I think if I wear my awesome new lululemon running shorts all week, it’ll come faster!? Cuz my second half-marathon ever, the “Run for the Dream” is only 8 days away!

Well… you ask… what you are most excited about!?

1. Honestly? Because my husband was medically discharged from the military, he is considered a wounded warrior (which means we spend a lot of time rubbing his back and running is very painful for him) BUT! they set us up in a hotel. With a hot tub. YES. (I know, I talked a lot about random things before I got to my point).

2. Running in Williamsburg. It’s gorgeous, I love running in the morning, and this will be the most challenging terrain I’ve ever run.

3. OH MY GOSH this is the 2nd half marathon I’ve EVER done, so I’m uber stoked to KILL it. I know I probably don’t have any new PR’s looming in my future, but I’m excited to do really well 🙂

4. WHAT?!?!?! BUSCH GARDENS!? Yes, we are also given free Busch Garden tickets for the day before/of the race. Seriously. So the day before we are planning on hitting up Busch Gardens and RIDING ROLLER COASTERS! So after running our poor butts off all morning, we get to try out their newest roller coaster the MACH TOWER.


I can hardly wait 🙂


What’s your favorite part about races? The support from people during the race? The beer at the end? The excitement from running with thousands of people at a time? There’s so many wonderful things about races that I can’t even begin to count them all!

Saving my Skin


Since amping my mileage to train for these half marathons, I’ve noticed it stressing my skin… so I slap on a little sunblock and keep my face clear of sweat (by wiping it down every 3 minutes), but my feet haven’t been so lucky. I keep my toenails painted pink to help out, but my poor feet are covered in blisters and and finally calluses. Thankfully I’ve been saved from the notorious fungus that runners usually complain about.

Since I wanted to run trails, I ended up buying an awesome pair of Salomon XR CrossMax 1, which are incredibly stiff and gave me huuuuge blisters for two months after running in them. I read in my awesome Runners Word magazine that I needed thicker socks, so I proceeded to steal my husbands on a regular basis since I’ve given him about 100 pair of running socks over the last year and a half. He thinks this gives him free reign to tease me about everything of his that I “borrow”. Like his sweatpants that have had their ownership transferred to me. I can’t help it I’m always cold. Or his sweatshirts when we’re on the boardwalk. Or his shirts to sleep in. Now his socks.

In my opinion, he has absolutely no grounds for his teasing.

Anyways, about protecting our skin and feet. Apparently if they get wet (from sweat or mud or rain), the trapped moisture can cause maceration (when the skin looks paler than the surrounding skin) and is prone to fungal infections (Runners World). Ewwww (Just did a foot check to look at my between-the-toe-skin-color. I’m safe.)

The most helpful thing I can pass along is keeping clean, Keeping the running clothes and socks clean. Products like Blister Aid (Mission Athletecare blister Armour Anti-Friction stick) will definitely help with the blisters! Annnnnd lastly, Stuff the shoes with newspaper to dry them out between runs.

My New Pink Shorts!


Oh my goodness, this week has FLOWN by! I’ve realized, besides being the worlds worst blogger (haven’t posted in a week), I’m also the worst runner in the world. Haven’t laced up my super sweet running shoes in also a week. If I was biking or rollerblading or engaging in other physical activity, it wouldn’t be so bad. But I was literally sitting on my butt. All day. And all evening.

This isn’t a good idea with our next race a mere 15 (well, technically 16) days away!

So, we are heading to Williamsburg this weekend to scope out the trail (well, like 2 miles of it) and enjoy ourselves instead of running a 12 mile run like Hal Higdon advises! 😉 I’m excited about the hot tub, walking around the quaint city of Williamsburg and eating unhealthy food.


Yesterday, my husband texted me during the day… telling me he had a surprise for me 🙂 Of course, being the inner 5-year-old that I am, I was ecstatic! I LOVE surprises! I came home and he whipped out a CUTEST coral pink running shorts from lululemon you ever did see! I included the link for your enjoyment. It’ll probably be active for about 4 days because they sell out of everything so quick.

Naturally, this was all it took to get me out of my FUNK and out running during the gorgeous weather and on the boardwalk 🙂 I did a quick little 4 miles to get back in the groove and sat at Starbucks with my husband on Facebook for an hour on his awesome iPad. Yes! I LOVE break week!

What do you log onto Facebook with? Your phone? Laptop? iPad? I usually log on with my phone, hence the short messages and likes I do… and occasionally (like yesterday) on a machine with a keyboard so I can actually write a novel that people are hoping I’ll send as a message!

Are you guys experiencing the same schizophrenic weather we’ve been having?! It’s seriously muggy and GROSS in the morning, gorgeous in the afternoon, and rains all evening. And then the next day it’s FREEZING. Repeat. Then back up to 85F… (which is not awesome to run in) hahah